Bibs Loops 12 Pack – Baby Pink|Coral|Ruby

£ 5.00 £ 12.00


Bibs Loops – Play Rings.

12 Pack Contains a mixture of Baby Pink, Coral and Ruby Loops.

Loops can be used as toys, as a stroller chain, as a suspension in the car seat, over the changing table or in the playpen.

They can also be used as a hanging for toys – only your imagination sets limits.

The rings are simple but keep babies occupied and entertained – they are easy for small hands to grab which makes them extra interesting for the little ones.

They are free of PBA, PVC and phthalates. 

Polypropylene is safe to use in food packaging and does not emit harmful chemistry.

Loops are both taste and odour neutral.

Furthermore, they are environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.


Baby Pink, Coral and Ruby


Polypropylene (PP) and contains no harmful substances.



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