Olli Ella

Olli Ella - Holdie Folk Fairy - Bluebell

£ 22.00


Meet Bluebell at the Birthday Fairy. She’s here to make the Hoodie World one big magical celebration!   

Bluebell the Birthday Fairy loves nothing more than making birthday wishes come true. Bluebell is the merriest of fairies, and, with her party hat on, she is ready to celebrate your special day.   

Bluebell is happiest when she is helping celebrate a little one’s special birthday. She wears a sparkly fabric skirt with netting and a confetti-print top, with her magical wings attached. 

Handmade, fully posable, and measuring 11cm tall, Bluebell is the perfect size to fit in the palm of a small hand or keep close-by in a pocket. 

Bluebell the Birthday Fairy is a special edition, rare, and collectible Holdie™ Folk. She comes beautifully packaged in a collectible box and is a beautiful gift to celebrate special birthdays and or to display alongside other special Holdie™ Folk. 


L11cm x W3cm x H10cm


Handmade using a soft wool blend




Do not bleach

Surface clean only with a cool, damp cloth



Olli Ella

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