Jabadabado - Parking Garage




Full throttle! Jabadabado’s cool and fast-paced wooden parking garage offers plenty of play opportunities for all car-crazy kids.

Race against your friends on the ramp where two cars can drive side by side. Who is winning? Then, continue the drive to refuel or charge the electric car and take the lift back up again. If the cars have become dirty along the way, you quickly take a trip past the car wash. Then start the helicopter, fly over the city, and land it on the helipad on the roof of the garage. The garage has three floors that you can drive between with the cars. You park in the three parking lots when it’s time to take a break. The elevator is controlled with a small steering wheel, which means that the cars can be transported to the different floors in a simple and fun way. With this creative and fun parking garage, the children will stay busy for hours. The garage can be built together with Jabadabado tracks with rails, and other common wooden rail brands. Encourages creative play and is guaranteed to be an appreciated birthday present.

1 x  Garage with parking lots, helicopter pad, gas station, elevator with carwash
3 x cars
1 x helicopter
1 x ramp
1 x competition ramp





Wood, Plastic & Metal

50 x 38 x 68 cm




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