Little Dutch

Little Dutch - Multi Activity Baby Walker - Goose

£ 70.00


Walk, play and learn! This Little Dutch wooden multi-activity baby walker offers many challenging activities to support the development of your child's motor skills.

Help Little Goose and the gooslings cross the pond. See how the light reflects if you give a spin to the mirror. Or try to turn the wheel to see the little bugs go round and round!

Challenge your baby with the many engaging activities of this beautifully decorated walker. There are 8 activities to explore and master. Thanks to the balanced design the baby walker is very suitable for learning how to walk for children of 12 months or older that are almost ready to take their first steps.

Prepare yourself for some joyful cheers when your little one speeds through the house. The rubber wheels will not make any marks on your floor and are safe for use inside.




32.5 x 35.5 x 49cm




Little Dutch

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