Little Dutch

Little Dutch - Trainer Plate - Flowers & Butterflies

£ 10.00



Eat or throw? That’s often the question. As soon as your baby starts to reach for your spoon or try to eat off your plate, it’s time for the Mepal Mio trainer plate. This set is perfectly designed for the first attempts of scooping and eating independently. The high raised edges, round corners and anti-slip base will help develop fine hand and mouth coordination. It might get messy and there will be some food throwing too, but as soon as you little one gets it, you will be so proud. The light pink plate has a smart grip illustrated with a butterfly of the Flowers & Butterflies collection.


Ready to use when your little one is!


All made of strong material and designed for training table manners and some occasional spills and throws. So come, let’s eat!


Little Dutch

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