Olli Ella

Olli Ella - Holdie Folk - Extinct Animals

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Many years ago, in the land before time, there lived three Holdie Extinct Animals that were gone long before you and me. Mammoth, Dodo and Saber Tooth Tiger are all very different, but that doesn't stop them from having so much fun together.

Handmade from a soft wool blend with embroidered features, these Extinct Animal pals are the perfect size for small hands and are wonderful prompts for hours of imaginative play.

Say hello to our friend Mammoth who loves to impress everyone with those extra-large tusks. Mammoth is mighty kind and can always be found helping around Holdie world, lifting, moving and holding things with that strong trunk!!

Then there is Dodo, who spends days trying madly to fly up into the Holdie world skies! Dodo is a storyteller, full of tales, who loves to chat about feathery facts and favourite flowers.

Don't let that toothy grin scare you; Sabre Tooth Tiger loves nothing more than a cozy cuddle and is Holdie worlds go to when anyone feels worried or blue. Sabre knows all the best spots to sit and watch the Holdie world go by!



  • Mammoth: H 15cm x W 10cm x L 20cm
  • Dodo: H 13cm x W 5cm X L 12cm
  • Sabre Tooth Tiger: H 10cm x W 7cm x L 16cm

Packaging Dimensions:

  • 11cm x 25cm x 25cm


Handmade using a soft wool blend




Do not bleach

Surface clean only with a cool, damp cloth


Olli Ella

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