Parking Garage



The coolest parking garage for all car crazy kids. The parking garage is loaded with fun and exciting racing cars and even a helicopter pad. Perfect for any car racing competition with friends.

This car toy will keep your kids busy for countless hours.

Big and sturdy wooden parking garage in black and white.

The parking garage has 3 floors to park the cars on and a nice helicopter pad on the roof.

The lift has a control knob so you can easily ride the cars up to the different floors. The parking garage includes 3 cars and 1 helicopter.

Start the helicopter and land it on the helipad located at the top of the garage. Compete with your friends and see who comes first down the ramp. Drive on and refuel the car and take the lift up again.




Wood, plastic, metal


44,5 x 29,5 x 36 cm

    Brand: Jabadabado

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