Savanna Wall Sticker Set

£ 105.00

This charming African animal wall sticker set is the perfect way to  compliment children's bedrooms or nurseries.

These stickers come in a high saturation pigment, ensuring the finest quality printed wall stickers for your home.

For use on painted or structural walls
Thickness: 370 microns.
Weight: 360 g/m2.
Surface: Satin.

Template L is 100 cm x 100 cm and all the animals measures are:

  • giraffe: 67 cm
  • elephant: 49 cm
  • flamingo: 27 cm
  • big lion: 37 cm
  • little lion: 24 cm
  • ostrich 37 cm
  • lemur: 16 cm
  • toucan: 20 cm

These come on one sheet 100cm x 100cm