Happy Little Doers

The Ultimate Dinosaur Bundle

£ 36.00

The ultimate gift for every young Dino fanatic! Enjoy learning fantastic facts about some of the most spectacular creatures to roam the earth whilst improving brain development. The Dino Bundle includes our 3 popular dinosaur products; Dinosaur Flashcards and Dinosaur Memory Matching + Snap Game.

The Dino Bundle provides some fantastic benefits for children's (and adults!) brain development; including building confidence, creativity, focus, speech & vocabulary development and of course memory! Like all flashcards from Happy Little Doers, the Dinosaur Flashcards include an activity card that helps create additional hours of fun whilst learning. Both packs are portable and are ideal for use at home or whilst travelling.

Each dinosaur pack contains the most popular dinosaurs that existing, including:

Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Diplodocus, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon, Plesiosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Iguanodon, Ichthyosaurus, Mosasaurus, Dilophosaurus, Coelophysis, Carnotaurus, Deinocheirus

Dinosaur Flashcards

Fun and brightly coloured Dinosaur Flashcards for the dino obsessed.  Discover and learn fun facts about the world of dinosaurs!  This “Learn by Doing… Dinosaurs”  pack of 20 cards introduces a few of our favourites. Learn how to pronounce their long names, get to know interesting facts and of course create ‘dino play’ ideas to help build on key developmental skills, including confidence and creativity.

Dinosaur Memory Matching + Snap Game

A portable pack of 44 jumbo playing cards for the little dino lover in your life. Play fun games with these beautifully illustrated cards and learn how to pronounce each dinosaur name at the same time. Play snap and the classic memory game but, let me warn you . . . these aren’t just for kids but grown-ups too! So, how good is your memory compared to your kids?

Please note the Dinosaur toys pictured are not included.

Dinosaur Logic Game

Challenge your brain with our Dinosaur Logic puzzle game.  Connect the 9 cards to form the square. Sounds easy… but is it?

When it comes to staying entertained on road trips, planes, and trains, this is the perfect portable travel game for kids that parents will love just as much!

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