Top Mark

Top Mark - KAYA - 4in1 Tricycle - Anthracite

£ 80.00


The 4 in 1 balance bike is an ideal preparation for discovering cycling. This model is easy to convert from tricycle to balance bike by folding both rear wheels inwards. This makes the switch to a bicycle with pedals easier. The pedals are easy to assemble and convenient to store on the frame under the saddle. The saddle and handlebar are both adjustable to the needs of the child. This balance bike can be used to exercise the coordinated movement ability of your child and thus also teaches to maintain proper balance. 



- 42mm wheel width

- Adjustable seat to meet you child's height

- Available in a variety of colours

- Tricycle sliding mode (1-2 years)

- Tricycle mode (2-3 years)

- Balance bike mode (3-4 years)

- Bike mode - (2-5 years)

The balance bike is compact and lightweight. So super easy to carry!


Top Mark

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