Train Set - Rescue Vehicles




Time to fight the fire! Jabadabado’s classic wooden train rail with rescue vehicles features both a police station, a fire station, and a prison.

Build the rails together and place the three houses along the road, cars can drive through the police station. The police car and the helicopter search for the thieves that seem to have stolen the money! When the thieves are caught, you take them to the prison. When the hunt is over, land the helicopter safely on one of the three houses’ helipad. Oh no, a cat seems to have climbed a tree and can’t come down. Hurry up and go there with the fire truck to help the cat down to the ground again. But the bad luck is not over, now a fire seems to have broken out. Toot toot, the fire engine is on its way to put it out. Phew, finally there seems to be peace and quiet in the city. Now the cars can calmly patrol along the rails, waiting for new adventures. The train rail encourages creative play and is guaranteed to keep the child occupied for hours. Can be combined with Jabadabado’s garage as well as other train and car rails from both Jabadabado and other well-known brands on the market.


15 x rail pieces

1 x fire engine

1 x ambulance

1 x thief car

1 x police car

1 x helicopter

1 x fire station

1 x police station

1 x prison

1 x trees

1 x cat

1 x fire

1 x money bag in textile

3 x coins in different currency

1 x police dog








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