Balloon Ride Mural

£ 330.65

Say hello to our Balloon Ride Mural, where fluffy skies are met with hot air balloons, and sunset-drenched hills coming together to create a dream worthy scene. This quilted tapestry is perfect for nurseries with Parisian style, cozy English homes that crave a little whimsy, boho playrooms, or cottage-chic rooms in need of a splash of color. Let your little ones have a wall that brings adventure straight to their room! 

Part of our Textile Tapestry Mural Collection, this mural is in collaboration with artist Meghan Pauley Nespeca. Rooted in nostalgia, each hand-quilted panel is a vibrant tapestry of texture and color, seamlessly blending boho, shabby chic, English cottage, and feminine French styles.

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