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Bibs Dummies

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The BIBS Dummy is a perfect pacifier for babies from birth, the dummy comes in two different sizes according to the babies age. 

  • 1 x BIBS Dummy

Shield: 100% BPA-free

Teat: natural rubber

Before use: sterilise dummy with boiling water and leave to cool down. Ensure hot water is squeezed out of the nipple before you give it to your little one

Never use washing up liquid to clean your child’s dummy

Never use your dummy to administer medication

Store in a dry, closed container

Frequently check the dummy for damage. Please refrain from using a damaged dummy.

Dummies’ should be replaced every 6-8 weeks for hygiene reasons.


SIZE 1 - 0-6months

SIZE 2 - 6-18months

Store in a dry, closed container.

Sterilise safe

Hand wash

Brand: BIBS