Train Set - Farm

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Come along to the farm! Jabadabado’s classic wooden rail track is a complete farm with animals. Build the rails together and place the three houses along the rail; an attic, a dog house, and a farm house that the tractors can drive through. 

Along the rail, the animals graze in their paddock under the shade of the trees. Offer the cows hay, and let the horse taste the tasty carrots and apples. Yumie, so good! All the most popular farm animals are in place. Do you know what they are called? The two tractors with trailers drive along the rails and take care of the animals. It’s a lovely day at the farm. The train rail encourages creative play and is guaranteed to keep the child occupied for hours. Can be combined with Jabadabado’s garage as well as other train and car rails from both Jabadabado and other well-known brands on the market.


15 x rail

12 x  farm animals

3 x  houses in hard cardboard
3 x trees

2 x tractors with removable trailer

2 x hay in fabric

1 x pasture

1 x box of veg








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