Moonie Bunny - Cry Sensor Baby Sleep Aid - Powder

£ 59.00


This ultra soft and adorable bunny rabbit is the Ultimate Baby Sleep Aid!

Sound and light can be activated manually or the smart cry detector activates the soothing sound and light once the baby starts crying. Choose between a variety of soothing sounds which have been selected based on pediatric research. Gentle humming reminds the baby of the conditions in mothers womb and helps in deeper sleep by muffling the external sounds.

Moonie bunny has a glowing belly which helps to overcome the fear of darkness. There are 7 different colours of light to choose from and 5 light settings to customise and suit your baby. Moonie Bunny can be a night lamp when the hum sound is off. You can use the extra long, silky ears to tie Moonie Bunny onto cot, pram etc


Featured Sounds:

Gentle Lullaby | Womb | Wind | Deep Ocean | Sea Waves | Rain


Features Light Settings:

Mood Light | Pulsating Mood Light | 7 Changing Colours | Favourite Colour Light |

Pulsating Favourite Colour Light



Smart Cry Detector | USB Rechargable | Sensoric Granules


Moonies white and pink hum helps babies and toddlers to:

Gently Fall Asleep

Sleep Longer

Calm Down Faster

Overcome Colic

Develop a good sleeping routine.

Brand: Moonie

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