Pack n Play Trays

Pack n Play Trays - Ocean Potion Kit

£ 22.00

Ocean-inspired potion kit contains everything you need to engage your child to create, imagine and explore. With ingredients that fizz, pop and explode with colour, it will bring your child joy and excitement and connect them to their inner magic.

A full list of ingredients is included below. Your kit will also come complete with a wooden stirrer, a wooden scoop, a test tube, a pipette and coloured jumbo tweezers.

  1. Lost Treasure - Foaming Bath Bombs

  2. Salty Seaweed - Mint (100% natural ingredient)

  3. Crushed Coral - Fizzing Bath Salts

  4. Dolphin Droppings - Beluga Black Lentils (100% natural ingredient)

  5. Fish Scales - Red Split Lentils (100% natural ingredient)

  6. Deep Sea Water - Foaming Bath Salts

  7. Smashed Sea Shells - Corn Flour

  8. Golden Sand - Popping Candy

  9. Squid Ink - Mica Powder

Our potion kits are designed for children to promote imaginative play and creativity, so we do not include instructions or potion recipes.

*Please note that the colour of some kit components may vary and may not always be the same as shown in the images. All glass bottles and bowls seen in the images are for illustration purposes only and will not be included in the kits.

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