Ruyangosaurus - Deluxe 1:100 Scale


The Ruyangosaurus existed approximately 125 million years ago. It was a herbivorous dinosaur of the Cretaceous Period and was one of the largest dinosaurs discovered in Cretaceous Asia.

This gigantic dinosaur is a member of the sauropod family, characterised by their long necks and tails. The Ruyangosaurus is said to have been around 30 metres long and weighed more than 50 tons.

Hand painted dinosaur toy. Designed by experts, CollectA dinosaur models are factually accurate and true to life.

Ruyangosaurus - Deluxe 1:100 Scale product features:

  • Hand painted dinosaur toy
  • Deluxe 1:100 scale
  • Designed to be factually accurate
  • 29.5cm x 40cm

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