Floss and Rock

Scratch and Play - Fantasy

£ 13.00

Scratch away and play! Hours of creative fun can be had with our Scratch & Play spiral bound books. Inside you'll find 10 pre-printed scratch cards containing our fabulous Fantasy illustrations - mermaids, butterflies, unicorns, rainbows and more. Using the wooden stylus included you can scratch to 'colour in', create new lines or coloured shapes. The stencil card included can be taken out and placed anywhere in the book, meaning you can follow the guidelines to scratch unicorn, rainbow, flamingo shapes and more! 

Suitable for ages 3+
10 scratch cards
1 wooden stylus
1 removable stencil sheet
Eco friendly

FSC certified
Printed with vegetable inks
Fully recyclable apart from holographic pages

Item Number: 47P5970
Dimensions: 26.5 x 20.5 x 1.5cm
Suitable for ages 3+

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