Animal Stories

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Help your little one drift off to sleep calmly and peacefully with one of these 3 relaxing bedtime meditations just for kids.

Captivating bedtime meditations to bring peace, joy, and calm to the end of the day. There are three segments in this audio, each approximately 18 minutes in length. Choose from: By the Sea, An Adventure in Space, and Snowflake. May be used any time for general relaxation as well as bedtime.

1. The Kitten That Disappeared
2. The Tale of the Goldfish
3. Good Dog, Tinker!
4. Clever Old Budgie
5. The Cow That Lost Her Moo
6. A Little Bit of Magic
7. The Noah's Ark Lion
8. Silly Simon and the Goat
9. The Very Little Hen
10. Spiny's Good Turn
11. What a Surprise!
12. The Old Toad and the Spider
13. Binkle's Tail
14. The Great Big Bumblebee
15. The Cat Without Whiskers
16. When the Donkey Sneezed
17. The Banana Robber
18. The Beautiful Big Bone
19. Good Old Shelly-Back!
20. Hoo-Hoo's Party
21. Tinker-Dog and Prince
22. Boo! Boo! Boo!
23. It's Nice to Have a Friend
24. The Poor Little Owl
25. Hurrah for the Pepperpot!
26. Adventure in the Woods
27. Black Bibs
28. The Foolish Frog
29. The Little Lost Hen
30. The Goldfish That Grew



Although this Yoto Card is perfect for young children, children under 3 years old should only use Yoto Player or Yoto Mini under adult supervision.



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