Malabar Baby

Bridal Shower/Bridesmaid Gift Set

£ 159.00

Introducing our exquisite gift set, perfect for gifting to bridesmaids or as a thoughtful present for a bridal shower. This carefully curated bundle features a stunning reversible block-printed robe and an eco-friendly toiletry pouch gift set.

Our reversible block-printed robe is a true embodiment of elegance and versatility. Crafted with utmost care, it showcases intricate block-printed designs on both sides, allowing the recipient to effortlessly switch between two beautiful patterns.

Complementing the robe is our eco-friendly toiletry pouch gift set. Up-cycled from our favorite bedding collections, these toiletry kits are the most stylish and eco-friendly way to organize your tote bag. With two sizes to accommodate various essentials, these pouches are perfect for organizing toiletries, cosmetics, or other small items.

Toiletry Pouch Gift Set (Color):

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