Little Lights

Dog Lamp-Strawberry Cream

£ 160.00


These beautiful hand crafted wooden lamps will light up the dark and make bedtimes a little less daunting with their soft ambient lighting. 

Little Lights lamps are equipped with a dimmer, so you can adjust the intensity of light yourself. The switch and dimmer are located on the remote control attached to the lamp. With one click you can also set a timer - 30 mins, 60 mins or 90 mins. After this time, the lamp will turn off on its own.

Decorated with water-based paint,  little lights have remote control with dimming function and timer, can be hung (each lamp has a hole for this purpose on the back), can be left on all night and have white cable.


Neutrals and Pinks


49x23x5,5 cm


Solid Pine


Little Lights

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