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Grey Foam Soft Play & Mini Ball Pit

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Foam Soft Play & Mini Ball Pit
Specification of the foam play set:

- The set consists of five elements: 4 foam elements and a ball pit (the pool includes balls - 100 pcs)

- Material: cotton knit 95% cotton / 5% elastane - covers with zipper panels to remove them from the foam and wash them, thanks to which you can keep the obstacle course clean with the values.

- Filling: polyurethane foam - certified


- All elements are: 50 (length) x 45 cm (height) (width x 30 cm)

- Total size when unfolded up to 260 cm (length)

- dry pool: 61 cm x 44 cm x 30 cm + 100 pcs of balls

- non-slip bottom so that the elements do not slide apart

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