Little Dutch

Mepal Cup 250ML Glass - Sailors Bay

£ 5.00


Steady and ready! Sooner or later your little one is ready to drink from a glass without any lids or straws. It’s a big step and there still might be some spills, but the little hands will get steadier. This Mepal Mio children’s glass is perfect for tiny hands and, more importantly, extremely strong. Don’t worry about rough handling and the glass falling. You might need to clean the table surface a couple times a day, but the plastic glass can take it. All the more reason to keep trying and praise your little one for every sip. The blue coloured glass is covered in the little sailboats and seagulls from Sailors Bay for extra encouragement.






All made of strong material and designed for training table manners and some occasional spills and throws. So come, let’s eat!


Little Dutch

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