Malabar Baby

Twinning Set - Block Printed Dress - Lucky Red Floral

£ 200.00

Introducing the Malabar Signature Red Floral Dress, your twinning companion this season! With its vibrant colors and flowy silhouette, you'll instantly feel like a star. This versatile dress allows you to elevate your style by pairing it with elegant ballerina flats, or go for a more casual look with a comfy pair of white sneakers. We've designed it to grow with your little one, featuring adjustable ties for closure. No need to worry about zips or buttons, as we've made it as simple as can be.

Get ready for a twinning adventure like no other!

100% Cotton; Hand-block printed in India

Block Printed Women's Dress - Lucky Red Floral (Size):
Block Printed Girl's Dress - Lucky Red Floral (Size):

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